But who are “Wandering Explorers”???

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But who are “Wandering Explorers”???

Messaggioda Custode » martedì 26 febbraio 2013, 16:52

But who are “Wandering Explorers”???

A good day to you, Wanderer Cybernetic, you are looking for answers to this question.

Shortly I could say: “They are friendly lonely travellers, particularly curious, who wants to see Over”.

“EE are people who, luck and misfortune, do not satisfy about easy Truth transmitted by a Story and a Science written by the Winners and criticised by the need of redemption of the Losers. EE whose dogma is responsible coherence with themselves.

They are people who ask from where they come, where they are, where they are going and why.
To find satisfying answers they are tolerant to everybody and everything and an open mind ready to accept news and differences, without any kind of xenophobia. Even if it does not mean to leave their original culture.
In every situation the EE always try to see both sides of the coin ... and if they can, even thickness, which unites them!

EE believe in a Creator, but they also believe that it is not necessary to trouble divine to justify the evil in the world: it is sufficient Man whit his weakness and his limits. Often those things thwart the man to succeed in Free Will.
EE adopt themselves an hard discipline to face free and responsible choices, right to join, maintain and improve a general wellness, psychical, physical, economic and emotive to:

• be empathetic and to establish satisfying relationship with others;
• participate actively to the environment changing;
• understand their emotions and to develop their personality, investing their instinct in relationship;
• have self-control and solve problems with equity;
• be optimist, adapting themselves to external conditions and to internal conflicts;
• have self-esteem and self-confidence.

EE are Biophili.
It is taught by experience that a good behaviour will gain time: living healthy in serenity to understand a superior knowledge.
EE devote themselves to participate to liberal and social activities right to reduce frustration caused by environment, social and endogenous obstacles. Knowing that Biophilia needs economic and psychical abundance, instead shortage encourages necrophilia, knowing that love for life is contagious and it is developed by societies governed by confidence, equity and freedom.”
I hope I succeeded in explaining what I mean when I talk about EE: it is a “modus vivendi” a self-growing way that everybody may do, without limit: no age, sex, social condition, economic condition, handicap…. Without any kind of restriction. It is necessary the will to stake one’s all to reach personal, environment and social welfare!
The engagement is hard, selection will be natural, eventually!

Explained the idea of EE, so far beyond a simple label to be sewn on the backpack, but a way of being empathically in touch with nature in respect of others following the principles of Biophilia, it goes without saying that the "Guild" is the group of individuals who are or want to become a bold EE.

While the Web Site, the Forum and "Groups GEE" created in the most popular social networks aspire to be something like a garden, an inn, a lighthouse, a fixed point where returning periodically, between trips and the other for a refreshing break. A "virtual" meeting place where to meet, discuss, organize events, perhaps improve themselves, and certainly recreation together, united in our motto "Numquam Quiescere"!

See you soon,
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