[ENG] The Cathedral of Silence: Existential Project by Bron

Qui potete leggere il “Messaggio di Benvenuto” del Guardiano della Gilda, presentarvi agli altri membri del gruppo e/o, se volete, lasciare una frase di saluto...

[ENG] The Cathedral of Silence: Existential Project by Bron

Messaggioda Bron ElGram » lunedì 4 febbraio 2013, 13:16

In May 2011, when I started this project, I sent some boards to all my friends right to illustrate them what I was trying to realize: repeat here, so that all new visitors of the new multimedia platform may know a little more Bron ElGram and what passes through his head!

Dear Wandering Explorer,
here’s my new work: “KuboSphera 3 - La Cattedrale del Silenzio”.
From many times I realized the need to create a short text to explain my “Existential Project” to whom are interested, giving them clear info and optimizing my free time.
Thus I switched on my graphic tablet and I draw 22 cards to explain who Fabrizio Antonio Urbano and his avatar “Bron ElGram” are. To explain projects constituting “Cattedrale del Silenzio” (“KuboSphera”, “BroomGulf”, “Gilda Esploratori Erranti” -“Guild of the Wandering Explorers”-, “MondOltre” and “ObbeGame Project”), possible and probable future development, how to contact me and my works’ usage limits; as if it was a sort of calling card. I hope it will be useful to strengthen living relationships and to enrol new Wanderings in this adventure!

Click here to download a *.jpg file with 22 boards in A4 format (7 Mb):
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