“Guild of the Wandering Explorers” Web Site – PRIVACY POLICY

“Guild of the Wandering Explorers” Web Site – PRIVACY POLICY

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“Guild of the Wandering Explorers” Web Site – PRIVACY POLICY

Note: this translation from Italian into English is not binding for Users. The server lies in Italy and it is subjected to the Italian version of the regulation and to the Italian Law.

According to art. 13 law on the protection of personal data (D.Lgs. 196/03) we inform you about privacy policy of your personal data processing on “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” as Process Owner on the URL:


1.1 “Personal data” means whatever information about an individual or a legal person, company or association (next called “Consumer and/or User”) which makes possible the identification – directly or indirectly – of the User.

1.2 “Personal data processing” means data collection, registration, organisation, conservation, processing and comparison, communication and diffusion, change, stoppage, deleting and destruction by the process owner.

1.3 “Process owner” are “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” in person of Fabrizio Antonio Urbano (alias Bron ElGram), mailing to: bron.elgram@gmail.com.
Occasionally or regularly, the founder and owner of “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” can make use of members of Staff (named “Guardians”) to organise and administrate the virtual platform.
Those subjects act under direct authority and responsibility of “The Process Owner” and receive instructions about slightest precautionary measure, right to warrant privacy and data safety.

1.4 D. Lgs. 196/03 provides for these processes, except particular case, the agreement of the User. The rule also provides that whoever manages personal data must inform Users about their rights; the norm sets up the Guarantor of privacy to control the correct and steady pursuance of the law.


2.1 Personal data in our data file are given spontaneously by the User when he enrols. As nickname the User can use both his personal particulars and an invented name. It is absolutely forbidden to enrol with name of public people or particulars of other known people.

2.2 “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” denies to Users to use a nickname with immoral or illegal content, that may offend sensibilities of others or personal rights of others. But “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” does not have tools able to detect cases where the registration of the nickname could be able to damage anyone or could violate what is written above.
Thus whoever is informed about these violations, or thinks to have been damaged by this situation, it is suggested to report to the Administrator: bron.elgram@gmail.com.

2.3 The User, wile enrolling, can decide if allow or not other consumer to see his Personal Data. A default option warrants that other User can not see it reading the profile. The default option will allow just Guardians of “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” to know it.


3.1 Guardians of the Web Site and Guardians of “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” encourage parents and guardians to supervise children during web surfing and to check their activities on websites dedicated to children.

3.2 Guardians declare not to have any data processing able to check the identity of the person who enrols. For this reason Administrator and Guardians are exempted from liability for the enrolment of children (less than 14 years old) to the forum.


4.1 Personal data given by the User by enrolling to “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” and collected during the use of the service will be processed by the Owner of the data processing for these purposes:
a) Free subscription to the newsletter, when activated;
b) Free subscription to the community, which includes the participation to forums and the possibility to answer and to open new threats/posts;
c) Management of any appeals and litigation.
The User is requested to give his personal data to the attainment of purposes above; any missed, partial or inaccurate data could lead to the inability to provide the services required.


5.1 Personal data processing is done with computer and electronics tools, with logic strictly related to what above, right to warrant privacy and security of data. Personal data are managed with electronics tools whose access is possible to “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” Administration, exclusively.

5.2 Data given by the User to “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” will be used only to accomplish the task and for the communications sent by “Guild of the Wandering Explorers”, in addition to any legal duty. These data will not be given or sold to third people, in any way.

5.3 To provide free services “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” needs a valid email of the Consumer. Email is indispensable for a correct and complete functioning of the computerized structure and to send technical/organizing communications to Users.

5.4 Wile working for free services, our computer system and software collect some personal data, whose transmission is implicit in the communication protocols web, or is useful for a better management of the forum (ex. IP, URL, time of requests). This collection, done for statistical purposes or to check the correct working of the forum, has no commercial purpose and is not directed to the identification of the User. It is managed by server technology, administrated by guardians of “Guild of the Wandering Explorers”. Those data are collected in log files, preserved and kept, with no risk of diffusion.

5.4.1 About “checking and reporting IP User”
The IP address of those who access the site will be recorded during navigation in the log files of the web server. The site is hosted by a regular contract Hosting Professional Pack periodically renewed, the main European hosting provider OVH (https://www.ovh.it/).
When a new User enrols to any of our services, both the newsletter (when activated) and those about community, the IP is archived in “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” files and then associated to the email given while enrolling. Software used for the forum archives the IP when the Consumer inserts or modifies messages, photos and videos. For each of these actions the IP is archived and associated to text, photos and videos published/modified and to the time of the operation. This is necessary to protect “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” against any lawsuits.
Remind all Users that texts, photos and videos published in the site, are public, thus in case of legal problems “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” will give to the Authority any information.
IP allows diagnosis of technical problems prevention of intrusion and abuse of free services. The “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” server is protected by a firewall which collect trace of eventual attacks to the server; in this case IP allows to adopt appropriate countermeasures to stop unauthorized accesses or DOS (Denial of Service) and DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attacks.

5.4.2. About “Cookies use”
Inside forum and all sections many functions are managed by cookies. No sensible data will be recorded, only codes of access to advanced features to permit the use. Movement through visited web pages will not be recorded, nor Consumer preferences.
If cookies are disabled “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” cannot be used correctly. The enrolment brings with it cookies acceptance.

5.4.3 About the “Invite a friend to the Guild of the Wandering Explorers” service
The User who decides to use the “Invite a friend to the Guild of the Wandering Explorers” service, to suggest to a friend to visit the site, will have to type the email address in the field.
Giving “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” informations about a friend, the User acknowledge to have received from him/her the consent to do this.
“Guild of the Wandering Explorers” sends automatically an email inviting him/her to join the Web Site. The virtual platform stores those addresses just to attach the email to the User who gave it.
The email addresses collected this way will not be given away, to third parties or used to send any other communication besides invitation. The main person can ask to the Administrator of this Web Site to remove this mail from the database by writing to: bron.elgram@gmail.com


6.1 At any time the User may exercise rights provided by art. 7 D. Lgs. 196/03. Particularly the person concerned can ask the owner to verify the existence of his own personal data and ask for having those data made available in a clear way. The person concerned can also ask the origin of his data, and the logic and purpose of the data processing. He can also ask to delete those data, to transform them in anonymous and to stop data processing violating law. He can also claim the updating, the correction or the integration of data, or oppose himself to data processing, for legal reasons. All those rights may be exercised sending an email to: bron.elgram@gmail.com.

6.2 If the Users decides to spam his personal data, both inserting his personal particulars as nickname, and inserting his email from which his personal particulars can be understood, allowing all the Consumers to see it, and spamming his personal data publicly or privately through personal messages, “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” will not be responsible for this imprudent behaviour.

6.3 Unsubscribe to free service offered by “Guild of the Wandering Explorers”
If the User wants to unsubscribe to free services of the site and to make his personal particulars deleted he must send an email to bron.elgram@gmail.com, specifying:
a) his nickname;
b) his email done wile enrolling at the Web Site;
c) the intention to unsubscribe to services and the will that his personal particulars are deleted from “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” Web Site.
Checking data provided Guardians will consider valid the request and actually coming from the owner of the account, right to realize it.

7.1 The User obliges himself to indemnify Antonio Urbano (alias Bron ElGram), “Guild of the Wandering Explorers”, Guardians of the Web Site and every collaborator from any request or dispute, including any cost or charge (included eventual legal costs) brought by any third person for the use of the site by the User; for the User violation of this document in every part, for intellectual property or any other right of any person or entity entitled.


8.1 Any disputes that may arise with regard to access and/or use of services offered by the site “Guild of the Wandering Explorers” and/or in connection with any other security between the User and the Process Owner and/or every collaborator that in the role of technical staff, the User accepts the jurisdiction of the Italian State, and in any case, the application of Italian law regardless of domicile/residence/office. The Jurisdiction is of the Court of Torino.

Privacy Policy prepared by Fabrizio Antonio Urbano (alias Bron ElGram), Administrator of the site, Torino (Italia) 26th Febrary 2013.
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